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Reflecting on the End of 2018/ Intro

By Evelyn Knuckles - January 1, 2019

Hello Evey K Fashionistas!!

I wanted to start this year by adding to the Evey K journey, a start of a blog post "All Things Evey K", New Looks, Fashion Style ,Travel and more. I always get asked so many questions on fashion,travel, fitness, etc that I thought how fun to blog about "All Things Evey K".   Hence the name of my blog. Hope you enjoy reading!!

   As I reflect on this past year, I am reminded that you can change and grow so much especially when challenges are thrown your way. That has been my story from the beginning of my journey with Evey K . I always wanted to own my own boutique and showcase fabulous fashion for all kinds of women and I have had the ability to do that for the past 12 years in Colorado.
  Four years ago I took a risk and moved out of my boutique after 12 years and changed the model into the Evey K Fashionliner~ the mobile Fashionliner called" Shelia"  that carries a small curated amount of unique clothing,accessories and gift items from many unique designers from all over the world.  Believe it or not, as I reflect about my decision to change up to this model, (and basically become a truck driver), something no one had really heard about, I am beyond thrilled of the decision to change up the Evey K journey.
  Of course, change for many in business can be very difficult and you take a huge risk of losing your supportive clientelle.It has not been easy to switch over for many of my clients, but ONCE they stepped into the Fashionliner, they understood my vision. The goal was always to have a safe place where clients can shop, share and build our relationships, find an amazing piece to add to their wardrobe, to still feel like their in a chic boutique( NOT A TRUCK)  and of course have a BLAST!
  That has been accomplished as I look back at 2018.  I am beyond thrilled to have taken the risk of my vision and seeing it flourish with so much love from many of my amazing clients who inevitably have become some of my dearest friends. Who would of thought that being on a Fashionliner Truck could be so much fun and a great way to showcase fashion? From Girl's Night in, Fashion Shows,private shopping for clients, charity events and so much MORE!! It defintely has become a place where stories are told, personal connections are made and amazing memories have been made. So as I think about the coming year, my goal is to really continue the journey of fellowshipping through fashion,continue to make Evey K a unique place to shop and continue to meet some more incredible people along the way! So look for additional posts throughout the year on  ""All Things Evey K"  I will post all sorts of facsinating things about Fashion,Travel, Unique Things and Who know's what else! 
So thanks for reading and Happy New Year!